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We have been doing the same since 1992

We are a software company established in 1992 and we have been producing 3D software solutions for the Textile Industry since 1995. We are aware of the digitalization needs in textiles and we provide long-term solution partnership and consultancy services in this direction. In addition to the Metaverse software we have developed, we also distribute the world's most advanced "Style3D" garment design and "Style Fabric" fabric scanning software.

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Style Fabric

High-quality scan fabric simulations allow users to see how casting effects are visualized on 3D garments to improve the final result for virtual sampling. You can also create variants with Coloro, TC and TPX pantone colors. Our digital fabric files are compatible for all 3D programs.


Through 3D digital assets for flexible design and development. The online modular design allows for shape modifications, intelligent fabric changes, and possibilities for adding artworks. The real-time review of 3D garment shows quick results, through the latest generation of high-quality simulations for faster product development.

Metaverse Virtual Showroom

Our Virtual Showroom software can be integrated with all 3D Design programs used in the industry. If your customer cannot come or you cannot go, host your customers in your Virtual Showroom.You can hold B2B live meetings and show both your digital and real products at the same time.

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Digitalization and Sustainability are very important to us. We will always be with you with our consultancy and software services.

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Klingel Vice President Turkey

We saw the necessity of providing design support to our customer in Germany, where we have been providing classical agency services for 20 years, with the force of the pandemic, and we decided to use the "Style 3D" program of Prosoft Vr among the offers we received. As of August 2021, we are happy to see that our business is developing and increasing rapidly with the opportunity to prepare our own designs in 3D as well as giving our customers ideas from our manufacturers. We established and are expanding a brand new design department. I happily follow and share that our country and our company have become more attractive in terms of speed and cost, in addition to design, in the textile industry, thanks to the endless support of Prosoft VR in terms of training and development, apart from software. Thank you all Prosoft Vr team. I wish to plan and realize many more innovations together...I plan and implement more beautiful innovations together with my setup...